Size Guide


Self Size

If you’re confident you can accurately provide your measurements and know which fit suits you, you can submit your own sizes online or via email. Our guidelines below will help you get your measurements spot on (sizes are in inches). Download our Self Measurement Form Here.

HIRE5 Self Measuring Form 2019-2020

Remember we offer suits in 4 different fits – skinny, slim, tailored and regular – so you’ll need to bear this in mind when you’re measuring yourself. For example, a skinny fit suit will be cut very close on the shoulders and thighs, so if you’ve got a larger frame, you may need to size up for this fit.

Get Sized

The best way to ensure the right fit?

Arrange a sizing appointment with one of our Experts in-store. Hire garments are naturally subject to slight differences in fit, so it’s best to try them on in person if you can. Our Tailoring Experts know the drill and are on hand to keep you right, so you can rest assured you’ll look great for your occasion.

We strongly recommend you make your sizing appointment no later than 90 days before your event so we can guarantee you’ll get your size. We can usually accommodate short-notice orders but we cannot always guarantee we’ll have your desired style and fit available.


Kilts should always be worn high on the waist and to the middle of the kneecap. If you’re sizing yourself for your kilt, it’s worth noting that your kilt waist size may be slightly larger than your usual waist size, as you’ll need to measure 2 inches higher than where your trouser waist is. Get the length right by kneeling and having someone measure from your navel down to the floor.

Mens Suit: Jacket

Available most from 34″ – 54″ and some to 60″ chest. Arm length from extra short to extra long. Measure around the broadest part of your chest, making sure that the tape is level under your arms and mid-way across your shoulder blades. We also cater for boys from size 20″ to 32″.

Mens Suit: Trouser

Available from 28″ – 48″ waist. Inside leg from 26″ – 35″. For your waistfind a starting point slightly below either hip bone along your waist line. Loop the tape measure around your waist and back to your starting point. To measure your inside leg measurement, measure from the inside leg at the crotch to where the trouser hem is to sit on the shoe, alternatively you can measure a trouser that fits you well. We also cater for boys with waist sizes from 18″ to 30″ and inside leg lengths from 20″ to 32″. The junior leg length comes in 2 inch drops. Please DO NOT take your waist measurement from any jeans or chinos that you have as jeans and chico are cut very differently and use more relax and stretchy fabric than the suit fabric.

Mens Suit: Shirt

Available from 14″ – 22″ neck. We offer extra long arm length in selected sizes. Measure around the base of your neck, where your shirt collar would normally be worn. We also cater for boys from size 10 to 13 1/2″.

Mens Suit: Shoes and Accessories

Our shoe sizes range from UK size 6 to 14.