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What’s secretly cropping up in the men’s wedding fashion is rather unusual but a lot more pleasing. Grooms today are  glowingly liking the splash of colours and imaginative designs when it comes to their ties and hankies.

Gone are the days when grooms and groomsmen were expected to sport only solid colour accessories while the girls would wear any colour, any pattern, and any style of dresses and accessories. Today’s grooms and more adventurers and do make an effort to look around to keep abreast of the fast changing wedding fashion market. In a no social media environment a few years ago boys were limited to UK based fashion magazines and what the wedding suit shop told them. The rise of social media has helped bring many cultures together and this has resulted in British Groom to look beyond the never changing greys and blues solid colours to more creative floral autumnal designs and rich multi coloured accessories.

95% of our grooms booked shoes that were not black. Our most popular colours for 2017 weddings were tan brown brogues and Ox Blood brogues by far. The only time we sold black shoes were when customers bought or hired black tailcoats or black suits.

Another big wave of wedding trend is use of tweed fabrics in groomsmen attire. be it waistcoats or full suits, tweed fabrics with classic English Racing Green or browns are at the forefront while Greys and blues are are also very popular. Tweed ties have seen some love too but not as much as the waistcoats and suits and again mostly accessorized beautiful spring summer and autumn coloured floral prints.

When it comes to summer wedding and overseas weddings, cool fabrics and colours have always been popular and 2017 has not been any different. Cotton/Linen mix suits have seen a great rise in the wedding fashion as today’s’ weddings seem to be more about casual and relaxed yet stylish elegance than super formal uniform look. Classic paisley patterns to help strike a balance between casual and formal have been greatly used.

Lastly big check have been in big time both in tweeds and wools. The look is cool and still extremely smart as the fit of these suits have the slimmest we’ve seen in years. Younger grooms and groomsmen are specially lured by this look as they see the wedding an occasion of fun not formality. It helps them express their individuality much better than wearing standard uniform look of formal attire.



We hope you enjoyed our brief analysis of today’s men’s wedding fashion and we would love to hear what you think and how you see the fashion changing in coming years. Leave a comment or question if you see the world differently.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours

Simon Prince

HIRE5 Style Team


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