Blue Suit for Black Tie

A well-tailored dark blue suit should be the anchor garment in any man’s wardrobe.

Whether in dinner jacket or a classic navy, pairing it with a classic black or white bow tie and crisp white dinner shirt instantly transforms it into an outfit that is perfectly suited for a formal or semi-formal occasion.

If you are attending a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party with a black tie dress code and 1) not sure to wear your old black dinner suit or 2) simply want to be a little creative, don’t worry because there are options. Turn to something you rather think is daring but is perfectly fine within today’s changing menswear fashion horizon – A navy dinner suit or even a well tailored dark blue suit.


It goes without saying, when it comes to formal or semi-formal dress, keep the details clean and simple. It’s elegant and projects a higher level of style sophistication. There are definitely certain times and places to get fancy with accessories, but a black tie event is not one of them. You have to know when—and how—to say more with less.


For me, that means my breaking out my special cuff links, pulling on some formal black braces, and dressing up my jacket’s breast pocket with a crisp white pocket square that just peeks out. No more, no less. Simple and classic elegance.

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