Well worth the money: An Alterations Price Guide

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We’re often asked if it’s worth getting your old suits tailored that are still in a fantastic condition, or not? The answer is “YES”. It’s well worth it.

The next question you can guess! how much it costs to get a suit – or other basic menswear items – tailored. The answer? Well, it depends. Alterations and tailoring services vary depending on the tailor, their location and the quality of their services.

However, if one thing is certain, it’s that the cost associated with alterations is always money well spent.

Here is a general price list for common suit jacket/blazer, pants and shirt alterations in London and Surrey areas. This could vary depending where you are in the UK or US. and we’re talking about good tailor obviously who may be slightly expensive but again you pay for what you get!

Suit Jacket Alterations

Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves: £30

Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves (with functioning button holes): £45

Let Out/Take In Side Seams: £35

Let Out/Take In Back Seam: £30

Shorten Jacket: £40

Reduce Shoulders: £40

Reline Jacket: £90

Replace Pocket Linings: £25

Replace/Tighten Button: £2-5

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Suit Trousers Alterations

Hem: £10-15

Hem with Cuff (Turn-ups): £15-18

Taper Leg (Two Seam): £21

Taper Leg (Four Seam): £35

Adjust Waist/Seat: £15

Replace Zipper: £15

Add Hem Guard: £12

COMING SOON: A Guide to Suit Pants Alterations.

Shirt Alterations

suit-alterations-costAdd Darts: £15

Taper Sides : £20

Taper Sides (French Seams): £35

Shorten Shirt Tails: £15

Shorten Sleeves: £20

Move Collar Button: £2-5

Our favorite story of the “money well-spent” aspect of suit alterations is the story of one of our customer’s Pal Zilari Suits. Mr. Bennett found us online and thought we would would give him the right advice for his beautiful suits that fit a little less well than they did a few years ago – the jackets were a bit tight around the waist plus the jacket sleeves were a little long and wide as well and the trousers were classic 1990s wide  – We knew that it wouldn’t take much for our Mr. Tailor to whip it into shape.

Our advice was to Mr. Bennett was obvious – it’s well worth get the suits altered rather than buying new ones! Mr. Bennett’s suit’s main “selling point” for us was that the shoulders fit immaculately. (N.B. Reducing a suit jacket’s shoulders is major surgery. I would never buy a suit or blazer – vintage or otherwise – if the shoulders didn’t fit. It’s simply not worth the hassle, expense, or potential headache if it doesn’t come out right.) So at it was a well worth a try.

So £120 in alterations later, Mr. Bennett had the suits that we’d say he’s gotten more than his money out of.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours

HIRE5 Style Team


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