Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance of our wedding should I book my suits?

3 to 6 months is the norm in the men’s wedding suit industry but we would highly recommend to start looking for your suits at least nine months from the date of your wedding. If you’re getting married in summer, then the perfect time to start researching ideas is from September the year before. The first main reason is that you will get the best deals around because most wedding menswear suppliers are keen to fill in their diaries for the wedding peak season in summer and offer really good prices if you book in rather quieter winter time.

The second and the most important reason is the most designers launch of their new style and design collections for spring summer in winter months and the retailers like us are out there to buy the best products available for spring summer; resulting us the retailers have all the new and fresh samples available from September onwards and are we’re eager to see them chosen by our customers. From this point, the trends would hardly ever change until the next winter so there’s no need for you to delay your purchase decision in anticipation of having something new in the market near the time of your wedding.

What should you need to know about our day in order to be able to help us?

Very Good question!

This is the key information that any passionate stylist or designer would be so keen to know that what really matters to you when it comes to your dream groom’s look for your big day. This very point would also help you clearly differentiate between a standard suit hire shop and a passionate stylist. If you find yourself discussing about how you imagine to look and feel on your big day and what makes you look and feel confident then you know you’re in the right hands whereas if you notice the conversation from the outset is all about the long experience of the owner of business and the ‘vast’ collection of designer suits, then you probably be talking to business owner who is there to sell a suit to you without knowing what you actually want. Needless to say, you should always go with a supplier who genuinely interested in your plans is flexible and willing to go out of their way to help you achieve what you really need.

Okay, so the key information that we need is:

  • What time of the year is your wedding such as summer spring or autumn winter?
  • What’s the theme and the setting of your wedding i.e. is it a church wedding or barn wedding?
  • What styling of the venue and stationery you’ve chosen such as floral, autumnal, or spring?
  • What styles and looks have short listed for the groom and the groom’s party? Classic or Quirky?
  • What research have you done as in what sort of outfit you’d like to wear on your big day?
  • Which colours of the suits would suit your personality and the theme of the wedding?
  • Are you going to match your groom’s outfit somehow to the bridesmaids or not?
  • What style of the suit such as tails or lounge suit is going to be for you? so on so forth.

Also, we need to know who you are hiring the suits for? whether there will be any kids in the groom’s party; and if have you included the two fathers in the wedding party. This information helps us create a style not just for you but for all the others in the wedding party.

What should people think about when booking a suit designer/supplier?

The most important thing that you may consider in choosing your suit designer / supplier is their love and passion about the styling and fashion, and a keen interest in their clients. You have to be comfortable that they will produce great results for you when it comes to styling your groomsmen attire. The next most important thing is if they understand your needs and your overall wedding setting. Lastly it is also important to see if they are able to tailor-made their products and services to suit your aspirations and budgets and not there to just sell what they’ve already got.

To your part, go to meet with them with an open mind and listen to what they have to say and see what they have to show you. You may end up finding a product or a style that you may have never seen or thought about. Think about logistics, timings, and how would you manage to get everyone measured for the suits. Ask them about if they can arrange the fittings in other locations. Lastly ask about their terms and conditions and ask for a copy of the small print so you know what you’re getting for your money.

What are the most frequently asked questions? and the answers please.

So the most frequently asked questions are:
– When do I book the suits?

  • and the answer is as soon as possible – 3 to 9 months at least.
  • How much is it going to cost?
    • As a ballpark, prices are generally start from £60 for a two piece suit to hire and can go up to £250 for a premium complete outfit hire. However, it will all depend on what sort of outfit you are going to choose.
  • Do you keep all your suits at one location?
    • and the answer is no. In the current day and age more businesses are working together than they did in the past to provide a better, cheaper, and faster service to customers. Menswear industry is no different; so although we have a lot of stock onsite, we also work with a large network of other businesses that help us offer an extensive range of products without us needing to store a huge levels of stock by sharing and supplying required garments on demand on a short notice.
  • When would I get all my groomsmen measured?
    • and the answer is it depends what kind of suits you’ve chosen; so if you’ve chosen a suit which is more like classic style and there is plenty of stock is available then you do not need to rush in to get everyone measured and they can be measured couple of months before the wedding. Whereas if you’ve chosen to go for something very new on the market in the latest trends then normally your service provider will need the measurements as soon as you book your suits. This is to secure the right stock in the right sizes at the right time for your wedding and if you delay, it will only mean that you may lose out on that style of the suit that you loved when you saw it first time in that shop.
  • When will I collect the suits?
    • This varies from shop to shop but again as a general rule, suits that aren’t in a high demand can be picked up to a week before the wedding, whereas if you have chosen a style of the suit which is in high demand then generally the hire period is about 4 to 5 days and typically you collect the suits two days before the wedding and bring them back two days after the wedding and in some cases the very next day of the wedding.
  • Will you be able to adjust the suits if they’re the wrong size?
    • And the answer is yes off course. This is the reason why we give out the suits two days before so that people can try them on and make 100% sure that the suits fit them perfectly. At this point, if something doesn’t fit correctly then a replacement garment is ordered or adjusted immediately and is ready before the wedding.
  • Is there a security deposit?
    • And the answer is yes. Once again it varies from place to place and the norm is around £200 per suit but is not normally charged to your card. We only take an authorisation on your card to charge you in case of non-return of the items.
  • Do you only hire out suits or you sell them as well?
    • The answer is yes we do sell the suits as well as hire. We can also make them bespoke for you. This is true for the same suits that are available to hire and also we have lots of other styles, colours, and designs that you can buy plus we have thousands of fabrics for the made to measure suits that you can treat yourself with.
  • Do you hire the same suits for children that you do for adults?
    • The answer is yes. 80% of our suits to hire that we do for adults are also available for children.
  • What’s the smallest and largest sizes you do for your suits?
    • Answer is that the smallest size is chest size 20 inches that’s for around a two-year-old boy, and the largest size that we go up to is 60 inches’ chest size. However not all the suits are available in those sizes.
  • What’s the Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW) and will I get it back?
    • The answer is accidental damage waiver (ADW) is the cover against accidental damages and spillages. So, while our suits are in your possession and if you accidently damage them, you will not be charged the full retail value of the garment if you’ve taken the ADW. If you do not take accidental damage waiver Cover and if the items get damaged while in your possession, then you will be liable to pay the full retail price of the items affected. Please read our terms of hire carefully before you sign the hire agreement. You will not get it back as it goes towards insuring accidental damages to our garments while in our customers’ possession.

What's the average cost of a suit a person?

The average Price to hire a suit it starts from £60 and I can go up to £250 depending on the style and quantity of the suits hired. Price varies for purchasing a suit or getting it made fully bespoke.

What is currently trending in the world of suit styles?

So the trend of modern looking slim fit lounge suits is still going strong and has got a bit of a twist last couple of years by the introduction of tweed waistcoat’s. We have been doing tweed waistcoats for couple of years now and we do them a lot of styles and colours. There are options for a full tweed suit or even a tweed jacket.

Alongside the lounge suits the modern slim fit tailcoats specially in more luxurious British light weight Cloths are also on the rise as the classic fabric styles have taken a back seat.

Prince Edward style is almost non-existent in the wedding industry who knows it may bounce back one day. Another craze a rather nicer one is the introduction of floral ties and hankies and even floral shirts with woven woollen ties and handkerchiefs for spring summer weddings.

Colour wise blue is very strong with various shades of blue but the most popular are a deep rich bright blue and lighter blue also called as air force or faded blue. With that said various shades grey and black is it still in the fashion especially lighter greys are very much in the fashion and they look absolutely stunning in those refreshing spring summer weddings.

What makes you different to the other suppliers and why should we choose you?

What really make us different from the others is our passion for continues search and adoption of styles, combinations, and fabrics that can keep up with the fast-changing wedding fashion world. We are highly responsive to our customers’ needs and evolving trends that are now, because of social media, global in nature rather than national let alone regional. Groom’s attire once was rather a static and quite monochrome in nature and we are not talking about a couple of decades ago; it’s just last 3 or 4 years that the men’s wedding suits industry has transformed into a fashion industry in its own right. We thrive on this change. Our business has seen so much change in last 4 years and we feel that today’s groom wants so much more from their suit supplier that only the best can survive in this industry. To keep up the pace and living up to our customers’ expectations, we have invested a lot of money, time, and skills in developing a product portfolio that’s top notch and the most current. In a subtle way, it’s more of a consultative and bespoke styling business for us than merely a suit hire business.

What also stands us out is our keen interest in helping our customers look not just comfortable and confident but rather different from the crowd. We personally style and design their outfits after a thorough understanding of what they actually want us to do for them, and then to making sure that even the smallest details, such as the way a handkerchief is folded and placed in the breast pocket, are up to the top standards. We admit we are a slightly more expensive than our high-street competitors, however our customers tell us we’re well worth their money and time.

We care about our customers, and we believe that all our customers are different fro one another and their individual needs are different from other customers’ needs, so we make sure that we do not make a standard case of service for all our customers. We believe to change the standard way of working to a tailor-made approach of providing service to all our customers. It’s tough, tiring, and stressful for us to run the business this way off course; however, that’s the way we like and enjoy it because our customers are our top priority and we know they’re happier to achieve their goals with us rather than with people who offer just the standard service.


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